Of Keppra and contortion

Adjusting to the new dose of Keppra and I’m so. tired. Usually I up the dose the night before, but I decided to wait until this morning so I would have an even number of doses. Definitely feeling the slowing down. I’m grateful today is slow at work because I don’t feel like a total slacker for taking forever to do things. Better slow and accurate than fast and wrong, I suppose. I’m still going to make myself go to the aerial gym tonight to get out of the house. I’ll watch the trapeze class and then take contortion class. Right now I’m the only one registered, but I know that will change. Of course, the last time I took class was in November, so who knows how the attendance has changed since then. I may get a private lesson. That would be nice. Either way, I don’t want to fall into moping mode. That’s not helpful.

My plan is to go to ballet tomorrow night, a different ballet class on Wednesday night, and then “Rockette bootcamp” also on Wednesday night. The last kickline class they held didn’t last very long and this one is taught by an actual former Rockette, so I want to catch it while they have it. Then I’ll give myself a few days off. I figure exercise can’t hurt and none of it is done off the ground, so I should be fairly safe. I haven’t heard back from the psychiatrist yet and I left another message this morning. As I recall, it took a while for her to call me back the first time I tried to schedule something with her. I’m not expecting to get an appointment much before mid-August. That’s the down side of good doctors. It takes forever to get in to see them. In the meantime, I’ve got the Keppra, exercise, and talk therapy, so I should stay on a pretty even keel.

Now I just need to perk up a bit.


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