Of who I am and where I come from

Writing bios without sounding either stupid or pretentious is always a challenge. Here goes…

I’m a thirty something female who is, among other things, a wife, kitty mommy, & unabashed lover of Backstreet Boys, pizza, & Dr Pepper. If you don’t understand sarcasm or graveyard humor, I suggest you move on.

I created this blog as a place where I can be authentic and real, both pretty and ugly. I’m a rape survivor, epileptic, and frequent sufferer of depression. I put my experiences out here in the hopes that I can help someone either realize they aren’t alone or offer some kind of help or insight in their own situation. Or both. I’m not a medical professional of any kind just a voice on the Internet. I hope that you’ll find my words helpful, or at the very least, a good laugh.

I value loyalty, transparency, and a good sense of humor above all else. I would be a really shitty poker player because you ALWAYS know how I feel. If I like you, I’ll go to the ends of the earth for you. If I don’t like you, be sure you watch your back in a parking lot. This is the uncensored, uncut, no holds barred narrative of whatever is going through my head on a given day.

That said, c’mon in!


One thought on “Of who I am and where I come from

  1. Authenticity is important in a blog and I really appreciate it! Sometimes it’s hard to be yourself and be honest when it seems like other blogs just show the good, but it’s more important to just be honest. So, thank you!

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