Of drama & how it only belongs in primetime

Hola party people!

We got back from Vegas on June 1 & it seriously took almost a week for my internal clock to readjust. It was nuts. Our vacation…wasn’t what I’d hoped. I mentioned in the Cliff Notes version of my last entry that there was some family drama in the wake of my dad’s death. In spite of blocking all of the offending family members in all possible forms, I couldn’t block them from my head. I was in a low key funk most of the week. It culminated in a meltdown in the MGM Grand. Not awesome. Mr Emily exchanged texts with one of the more civil family members to try & settle my nerves. The result was unsatisfactory, though not adversarial. Shortly thereafter, I decided I was OVER IT. I was over their bullshit, drama, &, quite frankly, childish behavior. So I was able to enjoy our last 2 days at least. We saw Cirque du Soleil (Michael Jackson One & Mystere) & David Copperfield. We ate. A lot. We won’t be able to go back until the end of next year thanks to my school schedule because summer semester starts the week before Memorial Day. *sad trombone*

Cut to today – I had the urge to wear my college class ring. I can’t remember the last time I wore it & I harbor A LOT of anger & resentment toward my alma mater. I went with it anyway. I learned a long time ago to trust my gut (including a car accident when I was 17). As I was dicking around on my iPad at work (I work in the on campus tutoring center & we have almost no traffic right now), I looked down at the ring & something dawned on me. That ring is a symbol. It’s a reminder of all that I survived. I survived everything that Will put me through. I walked through hell, I thought about taking my own life (more than once), but I came out the other side. I survived being repeatedly raped & then hearing “I love you” after. I will be DAMNED if I let these people walk all over me (or my mother). I have survived far worse than them. If they want to play this game, then fine. Don’t be surprised when I Cersei Lannister you with a smile on my face

I will also doxx the shit out of them when this is resolved because they earned it. The world deserves to see their true colors. I’m not afraid to wave mine.



Current Jam: “Boys of Summer” Don Henley (The remake isn’t as good. Apparently they don’t think my generation knows what a “Deadhead” is. Or maybe they don’t. Either way, go OG).

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