Of sore muscles and no patience

Right about the time I’m ready to throw in the towel is when things start to happen. I’m 99% sure I had 2 seizures in my sleep last night, then I had one while I was on the phone with my therapist this afternoon. For those keeping score at home, that’s at least 2, more likely 3, in less than 12 hours. I called the doctor and, as usual, had to wait for a call back. I called 6 different psychiatrists about getting in to see them and discuss medication. I had a good cry, got a hug from our ever faithful intern, and finally heard back from one of the psychiatrists. She can see me on the 30th. She didn’t promise anything other than a consultation, but she was okay with the fact that I already have another therapist I’m talking to and I’m happy with her services. I got a call back from the neurologist’s office and she said give it until Monday. If the seizures don’t change or get worse, then call them back and we’ll tinker some more. I figured I hadn’t quite given it enough time yet, but the frequency was worrying me a bit. For someone who has as little patience as I do, the whole scenario is maddening. But I’m trying to keep the faith. It’s all a process and the process will work. It just might not work at the speed I want it to.

I went to contortion class last night and forgot how hard that class actually is. I’m definitely sore today. I was planning on going to ballet, but considering how out of shape I am, I might hurt myself. I think I’ll take the night off, get some epsom salts, soak away the soreness, and go to ballet tomorrow night. Plus, my dad is out of town and maybe Mom and I can order something tasty for dinner. Now to decide what that is.


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