Of things that make me smile and auto-post

When this posts, I’ll be sitting / standing / lying in a field in Tennessee. Scheduled posts are a wonderful, wonderful thing. Anyway…

It’s been a while since I posted a public gratitude list. After some heavy entries, time to lighten things up a bit.

*My parent friends. I don’t know how the hell they do it. They serve as an excellent reminder that I’m 100% not ready to take on that responsibility. Thanks for the friendly reminder of my own limitations.

*Boy. We’re always laughing at each others’ bad jokes, pratfalls, and there when the other one needs a pep talk, shoulder, or kick in the ass.

*My actual parents. As much as my mom can drive me up the wall and my dad can do no wrong, they’re always there to back me up, respect my choices (read – not pushing me to get married or have babies), and bringing me up to be a happy, healthy, mostly well adjusted adult.

*My job. It affords me a very comfortable lifestyle. And my co-workers are a fringe benefit, too. 😉

*Google Music. Best $10 I spend every month.

*Cat videos. Need I say more?

*Perfume. When one is in need of a little freshening up. Smell is the strongest trigger of memory, after all.

*Being able to drive. I will never, ever take that ability for granted.

*Maxi dresses. For the days I don’t feel like putting in too much effort, but still want to look presentable.

*Peppermint tea. Tasty, comforting, and won’t keep me up all night.

Hope everyone is having a fantastic week! Long distance…