Furry Cuteness Friday!

Happy genuine Friday, beloved readers! It’s that time of the week again to get your dose of cute.


Rub my tummy?


What was that sound?



More baby elephant gifs!

I know this has been all over the Internet already, but a llama frolicking to DMX!

This I used enough exclamation points?

My weekend is full of a whole lot of nothing. Just the way I like it. Hope everyone has a lovely weekend full of whatever.



Of Furry Cuteness Friday and things that make me smile

To give everyone a break from big cats, here’s a baby tapir. And his stuffed lion buddy.


To kick off the three day weekend (for those of us in the US), a list of things that make me smile:

*Hugs that knock the wind out of you

*Antibiotics. I can finally get a decent night’s sleep for the first time in 2 weeks.

*Glittery lip gloss

*Taco salads

*Google All Access. Got my “work jams” playlist on right now.

*Getting the second highest rating on my review. 😀

*Being able to go into my boss’ office, scream obscenities, and he just laughs. Then walk out under control.

*The mental image of throwing glitter into the air to release my grudges.


Furry Cuteness Friday!

We’ve made it to Friday, so everyone knows what that means. Cute & fluffy time! Barring monsoon conditions this afternoon, I’ll be headed to aerial conditioning class tonight (despite the name, most of it is done on the ground), the hot yoga tomorrow morning. Sunday is one of the most popular food events in town. A bunch of the top local chefs get together and create tomato themed bites to support sustainable and organic farming. Without further ado, furry critters!






Cub back


_Julie Larsen Maher 2095 Southern Pudu QZ 06 29 13

1 tapir

Hope everyone has a fantastic weekend! Frolic like a baby tapir!


Furry Cuteness Friday

What better way to start your weekend than with cute, fuzzy animals? I admit, I got the idea from a blog my boyfriend reads (Though to be honest, I’m not sure of the exact name. I know it’s something to do with atheists and feminism. Fetheists? Athemism?) This week’s delights come from zooborns.com, my favorite source for all things fluffy and cute. Without further ado, here they are!

Okay, maybe not so furry, but still cute!

For the dog lovers.

And a tapir for my boyfriend who inspired this post in the first place. And I’m still not exactly sure what a tapir is.

Hope everyone has a fabulous weekend.