Furry Cuteness Friday! (+1)

And now for the weekly round up of all things cute and fluffy!


“Mom! Mom! Mom!”

1 wolf

“I don’t wanna get up yet…”

1 lemur

Behold the default setting for a lemur.


“Why am I sticky?” (Bonus points for pulling out a Cards Against Humanity card to answer that question).

Hope everyone has a fabulous weekend. The summer storms have started here, so it will probably start pouring in the middle of the cookout this afternoon.


Furry Cuteness Friday: Valentine’s Day Edition

What better way to celebrate the (made up) holiday of love, chocolate, and cheesy cards than with adorable fluffy creatures? There is no better way.

Penguin 6



“Mommy, was I adopted?”

“Don’t be silly dear. Your father and I love you very much,”


“Look at me! I’m pretty!”

3 Eleanor


5 lion

“Get off me, you’re heavy”

Hope everyone has a lovely (and loving) weekend. Go cuddle something cute.