Of goo in your hair and brain fuzz

I had my EEG this morning. It was about what I expected. I won’t know anything until a doctor has time to review it which I figure will be a week or so. They didn’t actually tell me anything concrete. The techs were really nice, though. When I told him what I was in there for he said that those types of episodes were common in children and they tended to grow out of them. I said I started getting them much later in life, but he said it was still possible I could grow out of them. With the caveat that he’s not a doctor, of course. Generally, no one has seemed overly concerned by any of my symptoms. That helps me feel a little better. I definitely relaxed after the procedure. I could fall asleep right now with no problems. It never ceases to amaze me how much stress I carry around until I let it go and relax a bit. There’s a hot bath and a Lush face mask in my future tonight. After, my dad bought me breakfast. Best dad ever. 😀 Then I washed the goo out of my hair and headed to work.

I’ve been trying to study for my CFA and my brain is rejecting it hardcore. Firstly, I need a financial calculator and don’t have one. That leaves me just reading formula after formula and not being able to apply them. I learn best by doing things. I’ll read something to get the theory, but I really need to do it to be able to learn it. Allegedly Target sells financial calculators, so I can get one after work. Then maybe it’ll be easier to study when I can actually work the problems instead of just reading them. It’s still on the level of basic algebra, so it’s nothing that’s out of my league yet. I just need to be able to actually do it so it’s not going in one ear and out the other. I’m sure the fact that I’m totally exhausted isn’t helping the situation. I may not even need my relaxation CD tonight to get to sleep. And it’s supposed to storm off and on all night. That will keep me asleep. On that note, time to walk around a bit and then try to study some more.


Of band geeks and Jesus freaks

Sorry I’ve been AWOL dear readers. I was on vacation in Orlando last weekend and spent most of this week catching up on what I missed while I was out of town. We may now return to regularly scheduled blogging. Furry Cuteness Friday will return next week.

I haven’t taken a legitimate vacation in 5 years. I went to Vegas with my BFF in 2008 and that’s the last time I went somewhere for the sake of going somewhere. Every trip since then has been to visit a friend who also happens to live in a cool city. The boyfriend got a ridiculously good deal on a hotel room for 3 nights, so we jumped at the chance to go. We saw Blue Man Group, did Universal for 2 days, and saw a Medieval Times esque dinner show with horses. We were staying right across the street from Downtown Disney, but never went to any of their parks. Universal was quite enough. I’ve decided The Hulk is my new favorite traditional roller coaster. I’m a big fan of the suspended ones and this was the first seated one I’d been on in a while that I really enjoyed. Though I’m definitely not as resilient as I used to be. The pain of having my head banged around lasted a lot longer than it did when I was a kid. Funny how that works.

Another short week at work thanks to being on vacation and the Memorial Day holiday. I figured out a way to solve my boredom problem at work. For those who don’t know, I work in financial services. I fell into it after college when my dad’s assistant quit right before he started cancer treatments (don’t worry, he’s officially in remission this year :D), got my licenses, and bounced around a few firms before landing where I am now. I love my boss, my coworker, the culture of the company, and my paycheck, but I always finish my work quickly. Currently, I have all the licenses that make sense for me. There’s a designation on par with a PhD called a Chartered Financial Analyst. It’s a series of 3 tests over 3 years, but once you have it, you can name your price in the industry. It’s got a reputation for being hard, but studying would give me something to do during the day. I’ve batted around the idea of getting an advance degree since I am good at what I do. This seemed to be the best choice. I’ve ordered the study materials and I’ll take the first level test on December 7 (how auspicious). I’ve passed every other test I’ve taken on the first try and I’m confident I can do it again. I’ve been warned that I’ll cuss it out, throw the book across the room, and generally hate it for parts of the process, but it’s worth it. My brain needs the stimulation.

Speaking of stimulation, since I’m awake before 8a on a weekend (I’ve come to accept that’s just my reality for a while), I think I’ll go out for a walk, make a green smoothie in my NutriBullet (I love this thing. It’s awesome!), and wait for my dad to finish up his run so we can go play with cute, fluffy kittens and call it volunteering.