Of Muppets and bouffants

Day 2 of ClusterFlake 2.0

We still have power! Hooray! We were madly charging any and all electronic devices last night. The worst of the ice & sleet came through last night. It’s since turned into freezing rain and snow. Work is officially closed today and I’d be totally shocked if they open up tomorrow. Officially, they’re “evaluating conditions in the morning” to see if they’ll be open or not. They’re aiming for a delayed opening, but again, I’d be shocked if that happened. There’s literally a half inch of ice that’s getting covered by snow. Boy’s office & my dad’s office have already declared they’re closed. We would’ve ice skated to Waffle House this morning, but it was just too windy and wet. I hate wind. I would fail epically at living in Chicago.

In my vast amounts of free time yesterday, I watched Top Chef Season 4, worked on my French, read a little bit, and fiddled around with an updo. I’ve had my hair short (chin length or shorter) for 6 or 7 years now. It’s just now a tiny bit longer than chin length. I’ve been wanting to try a bouffant for a while. It’ll take some refining, but I got it mostly how I wanted it. I was impressed I got it to work with such short hair. My hair is thick & curly which lends itself to all kinds of creative updos (I hate the way that looks written down. Gah). The one thing I forgot is a fancy updo can be rough on the scalp. I managed to give myself a headache from the bobby pins. Ouch. It’s nice to have an alternative to low pigtails or some kind of headband to keep it out of my face. There’s a fine line between keeping it elegant and looking like a parody of the 60s. I’d like to keep it on the side of elegant as much as possible.

And I think this nicely sums up how I’m starting to feel.