Of lighting things on fire and aliens

For those of us in the States, tomorrow is Independence Day. It’s traditionally a day of drinking lots of beer, cooking meat over an open flame, and setting things on fire (meat or otherwise). Sarah of Yes and Yes posted her personal declaration of independence. I know I good idea when I steal one, so here’s mine.

I declare independence from my past views of people, places, and things. I pursue my right to allow myself to evolve and allow others to do the same.

I declare independence from petty sniping at others behind the safety of a computer screen. I pursue the right to make new friends from behind that same screen and meet people I never would have found otherwise.

I declare independence from running the highlight reel all the time. I pursue my right to be authentic, honest, and ridiculous. 

I declare independence from the “should” and the “must”. I pursue my right to do what’s best for me at that very moment.

I declare independence from the entrepreneur vagabonds. I pursue the right to work for someone else and enjoy it.

I declare independence from fitting into one tiny little box. I pursue the right to have Backstreet Boys, Lana del Ray, and LMFAO on the same playlist.

Somewhere in between lighting things on fire and watching things being lit on fire, Independence Day will be watched. Favorite quote: “I’m stuck dragging your heavy ass through the burning desert with your dreadlocks sticking out the back of my parachute. And what the hell is that smell?!”


P.S. 11 days until Big Kid Dance Camp! (aka Summer Intensive)