(Belated) Furry Cuteness Friday

“Who meeee?”


“Death from above!”

Photogenic furry cuteness



“It’s been a long day…” (Apparently he has something called “swimmer dog syndrome”, but that only enhances the cute).


My own fur babies. 😀

I’m just about off for 3 hours of dance. Hope everyone has a fab weekend!


Furry Cuteness Friday

What better way to start your weekend than with cute, fuzzy animals? I admit, I got the idea from a blog my boyfriend reads (Though to be honest, I’m not sure of the exact name. I know it’s something to do with atheists and feminism. Fetheists? Athemism?) This week’s delights come from zooborns.com, my favorite source for all things fluffy and cute. Without further ado, here they are!

Okay, maybe not so furry, but still cute!

For the dog lovers.

And a tapir for my boyfriend who inspired this post in the first place. And I’m still not exactly sure what a tapir is.

Hope everyone has a fabulous weekend.