Of butt bruises and boyfriends

Yesterday the boyfriend surprised me with a trip south of town to take a 2 hour trail ride. My love of horses is no secret. I’ll coo endlessly at them and love spending time in a barn. I haven’t been on a horse in a long time, but it was great to get back into it. Sandy Sue and I had a rather entertaining time of it, especially when she decided she didn’t want to go down the hill in front of us. She doesn’t do the trail ride much which probably had something to do with it. We had to stop and adjust her saddle and I was grateful that she was short. That made her a lot easier to get back on. Quite literally. Also, riding is more of a workout than it seems. My inner thighs are definitely feeling it today. Though the bruises on my butt are much more insistent. I’d forgotten about that part of the whole exercise. Sitting down has been quite the adventure for the past 24 hours. It definitely made me want to look into lessons again. I took them a bit in college, but never advanced very much. There’s a lot of land near my work so I’m sure there’s a barn that gives lessons somewhere around there. Just have to look for it. Afterwards, we went to dinner at this great Italian restaurant and sufficiently stuffed ourselves. An excellent end to an excellent day. Definitely a great way to kick off the month of June.

No real deep life lessons in this post. I just wanted to brag. I’ll save the life lessons for later in the week. Hope everyone enjoyed their weekend as much as I did.