Of (not) guilty and dancing with yourself

Anyone who went to Catholic school, or was raised in any kind of Western religious tradition, can attest to the fact that guilt is a big part of those institutions.  I hate the term “guilty pleasure”. I had enough guilt after 13 years of Catholic school, thankyouverymuch. If it’s fun, you damn well better feel guilty about it! What would Jesus think? Considering he turned water into wine, I figure he’d be really handy at a frat party. That aside…

I know it stems from enjoying something that’s not cool or now or en vogue. So I will share, sans guilt, that which I enjoy even though someone else may disagree.

  • *Backstreet Boys. I was their target market the first time they were popular. I was really sad when they came through town with Avril Lavigne and The Goo Goo Dolls back in December and I missed it. My 7th grade musical heart was made sad. I have their greatest hits on my tablet and frequently have it playing when I’m completing a repetitive task at work. And if you like N*Sync, sorry. We can’t be friends any more.
  • *Eating sweets without the vessels meant to carry them. Read frosting right out of the can and chocolate syrup poured onto a spoon and done like a shot. Yes please.
  • *Having glittery stickers all over my laptop. There is no such thing as too much sparkle.
  • *Nickelback. I really, genuinely don’t understand why people hate them so much. Yeah, a lot of their songs sound the same, but isn’t that true of most bands? Just sayin’.
  • *Cheerleader Nation / Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders: Making the Team. Neither has been on the air in the better part of a decade, but as reality TV goes, these were my favorites. I’m sure I can find them somewhere in the recesses of the Internet.
  • *Men’s running shorts. They have pockets! And they breathe! This is worth its weight in gold during the crazy intense hip hop class I love to take.
  • *80’s hair bands. I have a whole Pandora station dedicated to them.
  • *The Gossip Girl series of books. Then being a total literary purist regarding the TV show. Because it’s high art and must be preserved.
  • *Sleeping with stuffed animals. It’s just a pillow with a face, after all.

What are your “guilty” pleasures, readers? I know you have them. Now time to put on some Billy Idol.



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