Of gratitude and manifestos

I’ve been subscribing to Gala Darling’s Radical Self Love Letters for this year. It’s an email every day on various topics relating to loving yourself (in all senses of the term). I’ve been reading her blog for several years and always found it inspiring. I first stumbled upon it when a friend mentioned her “Things I Love Thursday” posts. This was in 2010 during my strongest self hate period. I’d just been introduced to the idea of a gratitude list from AA. I thought it was silly, it couldn’t possibly work, and didn’t particularly like the idea. Then I read her version of it and thought “Hey, maybe this can actually be fun”. It’s all about presentation, boys and girls. My “things that make me smile” list is my version of that in case it hasn’t been obvious. I have a daily diary at another site and I wrap up each entry with “The Daily Lovefest”. Sometimes it’s a struggle to write it, other days I’ve got tons of things I’m grateful for.

Another writing prompt last week was writing a “Radical Self Love Manifesto”. Everyone should have a manifesto, not just despots. Can’t let them corner the market on that one, can we? So we’re going to play a game in this entry. Let’s write it all out and start the week out on the right foot.

Things That Make Me Smile:

The cat sleeping in a sunbeam * Getting out of bed and making cinnamon rolls * Sitting in a first world country on a laptop with a TV remote, tablet, and cell phone at arm’s reach * Everyone who has hauled me around the past few months * Friends who I would do anything for and who would do anything for me * Laughing my ass off on my Friday afternoon rides with my boss * Having a boss I’m totally comfortable with instead of terrified to say 2 words to * Looking back and being able to see how far I’ve come * Being open to retrying things whether it’s a food, a TV show, or a hobby just to see how I feel about it now * Making people laugh * Stretch class * Being less and less envious of other women’s bodies * Lots of opportunities to travel in the next few months * Getting the chance to be a better big sister * The ability to share my story in the hope that it will help one person avoid the path I’ve walked down or help them see they can come through it all the stronger

My Radical Self Love Manifesto:

Standing my ground and refusing to be bullied into something I’m not comfortable with * Taking care of myself whether it’s washing my hair or going to a dance class * Laughing regularly at myself * Respecting what my body is telling me * Painting my nails, putting on lipstick, and presenting the very best “me” to the world * Sensible spending rather than frittering away money on things that don’t serve me * Not being afraid to let go of things that no longer have a place in my life * Stepping outside my comfort zone, even if it’s just a toe * Not comparing myself to someone else. That’s saying I think they’re better than I am & that’s not true * Setting myself up for success * Devoting time to the things I truly enjoy * Rocking out to Backstreet Boys or Def Leppard because I can * Embracing the 9 year old girl whose ambition in life was to become a drag queen * Channeling my inner drag queen 😀

Hope everyone has a lovely Sunday. For those who have tomorrow off, enjoy!



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