Of not letting people harsh your mellow and just dancing

As with all promotions, the learning curve is pretty steep. I’m training the new me, still trying to figure out exactly what my new job entails, and picking up the slack where another person left off. People were constantly needing my attention rightthissecond yesterday. One in particular gets extra hyper. That mentality tends to rub off on people. Everything is an emergency with her. She sent an email about something and my initial reaction was to brush her off. Then it occurred to me I was just being petty. What she wanted wasn’t that difficult. It would add a few minutes to the day at most. I was trying to stick it to her because she was being a pain in my ass. Not exactly what I’m going for here. I took a minute to step back, take a deep breath, and not let everyone else’s manic energy get to me. Nothing was on fire. There was no great and terrible emergency. There was nothing that couldn’t wait a few minutes. Instead of trying to juggle each request, I dealt with them individually. It doesn’t do to get overly distracted and forget where I was. Then I wasn’t acting like a startled cat. That keeps everyone happy, mostly me.

Getting back in the dance groove today. I finally got some antibiotics on Wednesday and kicked the sick. I haven’t been to class since Monday. The crazy intense hip hop class is this morning, but I don’t really want to deal with it. I liked the teacher, but the other students are really, really cliquey. From what I understand, this teacher originated this particular class, marketed it well, and brought his devout followers to the studio when he started teaching there. These people only show up for his class then leave. I like the class, but I don’t want to deal with people who have no interest in the studio outside of the location of the class. Part of what I love about the studio is the friendly communal feeling. Even if you’ve never seen someone before, it’s easy to strike up small talk before class. I know that’s my personal bias against these other people, but I don’t have to take the class. Instead I’m taking a different class with a teacher I haven’t see in a while. We’ll periodically run into each other, but I haven’t been in class with her. Then she teaches a stretch class after. I suck at stretching after working out. The structure is definitely a plus.Then I’ll go wherever my inclinations take me.

On that note, 6 weeks from today I’ll be free! Three cheers for being one week closer to mobility! I’ve finally reached the acceptance stage. I’m doing my best to divide the responsibilities as much as humanly possible. Everyone has been really accommodating. I don’t feel *as* guilty asking for rides as I used to. It only took 4.5 months to get there. 



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