Of shedding the old and jumping into the new

Time to get reflective, as one does on New Year’s Eve.

This year sucked. It was painful, expensive, and constantly kicked me in the ladyballs until I fell over. I dug myself out of holes, some deep, some shallow. I think 2010 edged it out slightly on the crap meter, but it’s running a close second. That’s not to say there weren’t good things this year. I got promoted and the raise that comes along with it. I found out exactly where I stand with Boy. I found out who I can lean on and who should be let go. I was shoved forcibly out of my comfort zone and fell flat on my face. I learned a lot, most of it the hard way.

I’m not making specific resolutions for 2014. It’s too easy to drop them because there’s such a fine point. In general, I want to listen to myself more. Stop forcing myself to do things that don’t fit, literally and figuratively. Embrace my evolution instead of sticking to what I know. They don’t call it growing pains for nothing. Stop writing things off wholesale because it doesn’t fit with who I am now. It doesn’t hurt to stick a toe in and see what happens. I’ll spend more time traveling next year. I’ll laugh so hard I cry. I’ll cry so hard I laugh. I’ll see my best friends and make new ones. I’ll watch my niece and nephew grow up. I’ll keep my sense of humor about crap situations. Some of the hardest times I’ve laughed was when my dad was going through cancer treatments. I’ll shed what doesn’t serve me and pick up things and people who do. I’ll stop taking myself so seriously and taking things personally. I’ll wear glittery lip gloss while hiking. The good thing about standing at the bottom is the ability to come back up. Of course bad things will happen. It’s life. It doesn’t mean I can’t find something to smile or laugh about. Come on, 2014, let’s dance.

XOXO & see you on the other side.

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