Of sharp knives and defenseless vegetables

Happy Halloween, readers!

Today is a banner day in my world. Not only is it my favorite holiday, it’s my best (and oldest) friend’s anniversary. We’ve known each other for 23 years (I know marriages that haven’t lasted that long). We’ve lived in different states since we were 12. I can call or text her anytime and it’s as if we talked yesterday. When I got the DUI, I frequently called her crying. A few weeks later, I get a card from her showing her support. Then I cried all over again.

It’s also the end of the month and tomorrow we start all over again. I’m a firm believer in the possibilities that come along with a new month. I’d like to end 2013 with a (positive, glorious, and fabulous) bang. Next month will be my final payment for the DUI. Can’t wait to get that off my plate. I’m back in ballet and happier than I’ve been in a while. I get 2 days off for Thanksgiving which is great when one is out of time off and gives me a 4 day weekend. By the end of the month, I’d like to able to do a handstand away from a wall. I’ll have my ballet technique better than it was before. I’ll be that much closer to driving again. The holidays will be in full force and despite working retail for years during the holiday season, I still love it. I’ll take any excuse to be festive. Or just wear reindeer antlers and call it good.

Things that have made me smile recently:

*Boy making a decision that benefits both our sleep quality.

*Being back in the studio and reminded of how much I love it.

*Deviled eggs

*Taking small steps to release the ties between my self worth and my weight

*Realizing I don’t need someone to coach me on how to live my life. I have plenty of people to bounce ideas off of if I need to.

*The shit that comes out of my boss’ mouth

*Experimenting with new nail polish colors

*The sheer amount of trick or treaters we’ll have tonight

*Realizing not everyone is as open as I am and I will likely never have the whole picture

*Yoga during lunch

*A boyfriend who doesn’t care if I don’t shave, do my hair, or dress to the nines all the time. The more natural I am, the happier he is.

*Knowing I have people all over the world who care about me and wish the best for me.


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