Of social media purges and true friendship

There’s something freeing about my semi annual social media purge. I’m not on Facebook or Twitter terribly regularly unless I’m killing time in a doctor’s office or some such thing. As I scroll through, I see a lot of posts from people I don’t remember or rarely talk to these days. Simple solution-delete them. The last year has been an exercise in “deleting” people from my real life. Most of my friends were totally awesome and stood by me through all the crap that’s been thrown at me. A few, not so much. So I stopped talking to them. It was surprisingly easy to just move on. Interestingly enough, all of them stopped talking to me when I stopped initiating conversation. Guess that says a lot about the state of the relationship beforehand. I’m not sure how many people I ultimately deleted off of various sites, but I feel a lot lighter. I’m not sifting through a bunch of posts from people I don’t care about. I can see what’s going on in the lives of people I may not live near and / or don’t have regular in person interaction.

I would much rather have a group of carefully curated close friends (how’s that for some alliteration?) than a large group of people I rarely see or talk to. The same goes for my online life. I get very few hits on this blog. If I posted something I think might be helpful or is relevant to a group I’m part of, I’ll link it. Otherwise, I’m happy just writing my thoughts down and letting it get around organically. To me, that’s where the true value comes in. I don’t shamelessly plug my writing on Facebook or Twitter. If someone likes my stuff and wants to share it, great. I’m not the kind of person who goes around posting every other day “OMG, read my blog! It’s like totally awesome!” as I have seen in the past. I would be far less inclined to read someone’s blog if they were constantly trying to get me to read it. I’ll never be the person who will have ad space or make money off this blog (though stranger things have happened). I certainly appreciate the people who read this regularly and who have forwarded my posts to other people who may not have come across it yet. I stumbled across all of the blogs I read regularly or found them through links from other sites I enjoy. I can market myself successfully if the occasion calls for it. Otherwise, I’m content to let it run its course in its own time (a vast change from how I view the rest of my life). This is a place for me to put out my thoughts, experiences, and maybe even a few laughs. If other people enjoy it or derive some kind of benefit from it, even better.

Quiet weekend coming up. That’s just as well as Halloween is next Thursday and we’ll be all hands on deck for that. It’s also supposed to be unseasonably cold all weekend, so I don’t forsee many ventures outside. Hope everyone has a fab weekend.


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