Furry Cuteness Friday!

Zooborns was much better this week, so commence the cute and fluffy!

2 panda


1 leopard


4 ocelot


IT_Flamingo Chicks_08


1 kiwi


My weekend is filled with fancy dinners, new shoes, game nights, and MSG free(ish) food.

Today is also apparently National Gratitude Day, so 5 things I’m grateful for are:

*My amazing group of friends and family who never fail to impress me, help me up when I fall, make me laugh, and remind me that everything will be okay.

*Kitten cuddles in the morning. Or any time of day really.

*Learning new things and knowing I’m one of the few who is trusted not to screw it up.

*Fall weather (and fashion!)

*New make up, nail polish, and sparklies. It’s amazing what a little update can do for a girl’s self esteem.



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