Of new diets and new experiences

After some online research and a conversation with my doctor, I got the top 4 “avoid as much as possible” foods / drinks for epileptics. The first 2 were fairly obvious and we’d already discussed (alcohol & artificial sweeteners). The next one was caffeine, which makes sense when I think about it. Stimulants can’t be good for misfiring neurons. I know it never helped my migraines. While I haven’t confirmed this, I’m fairly certain the migraines and the seizures are related. But that’s a whole other blog post. The last one was MSG. MSG and its derivatives are in EVERYTHING. After panicking a bit, I realized I don’t eat most foods with added MSG. Some foods have MSG naturally occurring in them like parmesan cheese. Most, however, have had it added in some form. I can’t avoid MSG completely, but I can certainly cut down on the amount I take in. That can’t hurt.

Most things that come from a can or a vending machine are out along with meat in tube form and cured meats. I don’t eat those much currently. I’ve never particularly been a fan of sausage or hot dogs. I’ve been avoiding the vending machine at work for a while. The few things I eat from a can have recognizable, readable ingredients. The bulk of fast food places use it. Fortunately, my fast food restaurant of choice (Chick-fil-a) only has it in a few of their menu items. Anything with “enriched” in the name like flour is out. I was planning on cutting out white bread and sweets in the near future as it was. Commercial pizza is out because they use the enriched flour, but more traditional places should be fine. The frozen meals I bring to work for lunch, mostly Amy’s and Evol, don’t add any MSG. I stick to Larabars or Lunabars for snacks and those don’t add it in either. I can have dark chocolate when I want a sweet fix.  Again, that makes removing most sugar from my diet relatively easy. Sushi restaurants could pose an issue with the soy and fish sauces. We may eat there once a month simply because it’s not convenient. Our favorite burger place is also still fine because they adhere to the organic, non-GMO, gluten free crowd. And they make a damn good burger. My favorite deviled eggs do have some country ham on them, but we only go there maybe 3-4 times a year. It’s barely a bite on top of each of them.

I’ll have the ingredients to start using my NutriBullet again by tomorrow. The plan is to have smoothies as my evening meal until I get a better handle on what to eat. I’ve been crowd sourcing recipes on FB and have a few good leads. There’s a frittata recipe I used to make fairly often that I totally forgot about. It reheats well and it makes about 4 meals. I also have an avocado, tomato, & bell pepper salad I loved. I can learn to make my own salad dressing because most of them are surprisingly easy to make. I see a lot more olive oil in my future as well. Beverage wise, I’m fairly limited. I did find a drink at Starbucks that didn’t have caffeine or artificial sweeteners in it. It more than likely has HFCS in it, but if I’m only having it once a day and max 5 times a week, I’m not going to stress too much. The rest of my day is limited mostly to water and herbal tea. I suppose we’ll see how this goes. I already have a headache from not getting my caffeine this morning. It’ll pass, just like everything else.

And Boy convinced me to give canoeing and camping another go-round. The apocalypse may be upon us.


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