Of new months and the possibilities that come with them

The epilepsy center got a cancellation and I’m able to get in next Monday morning. It’s not the same doctor, but I was assured this doctor also specializes in epilepsy. I’m glad they were able to take me a lot sooner. I’m really hoping to get more information about what exactly is wrong with my brain. The general neurologist didn’t seem like she knew what she was talking about, so I’m hoping the specialist can explain it to me better. I made it 42 hours without a seizure this time. I *think* I had one in my sleep last night, but I don’t remember for sure. Depending on what the specialist says, I may cancel the appointment with the psychiatrist the next morning. The fewer doctors I have to deal with, the better.

It’s a new month and those always perk me up a bit. I’m a firm believer in the possibilities that come with a new month. I’ll kick it off spending time with Jo and the new baby tonight. I haven’t had time to get over there and give him his new baby gift until now. A lot of my favorite people have birthdays in August including my niece who turns a year old next Friday. I’ll be headed up to Virginia next week for my cousin’s wedding and we’ll hit Busch Gardens (best amusement park ever in my humble opinion). It’ll be the first time that whole side of the family has been together in 9 years. The last time was for my grandparents’ 50th wedding anniversary. Boy moves this weekend and I’m really excited for that. I’m also getting my hair done. It’s slowly but surely getting longer. I actually have a tiny ponytail now! It’s the small things in life (if you will…).

I’m currently coveting a $200 skirt from Free People and it’s been a challenge to try and convince myself to wait and see if it goes on sale. Or I get a promotion, a raise, and can treat myself. Until then, time to nap in the car because I’m so. freaking. tired.


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