Of brain scans and technical difficulties

Sorry for being AWOL, dear readers. There’s been much processing to be done.

Tomorrow is my MRI. My uncle the retired neurosurgeon doesn’t seem to think it’ll show anything, but that it’s a good option to persue. I suppose we’ll find out, won’t we? At least I’ll get it out of the way in the morning. The nurse I talked to told me to call the hospital back and follow up with them on Friday just to make sure everyone has their ducks in a row. Considering how long it took them to get me the initial results, I’m okay with rattling a few cages.

I started the medication last Thursday. I think it’s helped my anxiety and depression if nothing else. I’ve still had some seizures, but I was doing things I know trigger them (watching TV). The ones in my sleep haven’t been as intense. If they’ve woken me up, I’ve gone back to sleep fairly quickly. I slept like the dead the first night I started taking them. It’s a start. Who knew that sleeping better relieves depression and anxiety? I’ve been tired today, but I think that’s because I was late on my dose last night. I set an alarm on my phone to remind me of my evening dose. I don’t seem to have a problem remembering the morning dose. I also suppose that it’s okay it hasn’t stopped the seizures entirely. If I’m not having them, how are they going to see them on any kind of test? It would suck to sit in the hospital for 3 days for them to see nothing. I have an easier time staying present when I’m having one, even if I don’t hang on completely. I also seem to bounce back more quickly. So, the medication may not have taken them away completely, but I’ll take having the edge taken off. Plus, it’s about the lowest dose they can start me on and if they need to increase it, they will. I have faith in that. This is one of the best hospitals in the country for brain and spine disorders. I think they know what they’re doing.

I’m getting a massage this evening and I know that will help. Certainly can’t hurt, right? If nothing else, it’ll be 90 minutes where I can chill out and get centered. I love my massage therapist, we always have great chats, and I’m confident this will be a great stress reliever. I’m so glad I decided to spring for the 6 massage package up front. It was a chunk of change, but I know I’ll be getting regular massages through November. Thanks to the holiday this week, I get Thursday off. I heard a rumor we’ll be getting out at 3p on Wednesday. Normally we get out at 4p the day before a holiday. Guess we’ll see. An extra hour would be nice, but I’ll take whatever they’re willing to give us.

Otherwise things are trucking along this week. Tomorrow is the MRI, then I’m seeing my therapist after work. Wednesday a bunch of us are meeting up to go to the trampoline gym again. Yay for throwing balls at children and no one bats an eye! Thursday is the holiday and we’ll likely watch the fireworks show from my dad’s office since it’s right across the street from a really good one. Not sure what’s on tap for Friday yet. I won’t really have time to get back into dance until next week. I’m okay with that. It’ll just give me that much more time to get used to the medication and know what to expect. They’re also adding a new class next week that I want to try.

That’s about all from here, readers. I’ll certainly update everyone on the MRI and any other condition updates. And generally try to post more regularly.


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