Of trampolines and frozen yogurt

No results from the EEG yet. On the one hand, it means they didn’t find anything really bad. On the other hand, it means they didn’t find anything. If something is up, they get back to you pretty quickly. I feel like these episodes are evolving and it’s really frustrating and scary. I was just having them in my sleep. The past 4 days, I’ve had them in front of people. And that’s really embarrassing. I know no one is judging me for it and they’re just worried I’m okay, but I hate the fact I can’t explain what just happened. I know for sure there’s a stress component to them, but how, exactly, does one destress? I think if I could successfully do that, this wouldn’t be as big of an issue. The hospital will call me when they bloody well feel like it and I’ll still have to go in for the larger video study in August. So that’s another 6 weeks of dealing with these things until I can take the next step. Goodie. But let’s look at the positives, shall we?

Everyone has been really supportive through all of this. My dad’s birthday was Thursday and a bunch of us are going to a trampoline gym this afternoon to celebrate (my dad never quite grew up past 12 which is part of what makes him awesome). Since I was getting down about the episodes, the boyfriend took me to the food trucks for dinner and then we walked around Piedmont Park to take advantage of the longest day of the year. Then we caught up with another couple for frozen yogurt and good company. Today I’m going to the thrift store for a few hours which I always enjoy. More shopping! Last week was the first week I walked out of there with nothing in hand for either myself or someone else. I suppose that had to happen sooner or later. The mattress pad I bought for the boyfriend’s bed was an excellent purchase. It was so much nicer to sleep last night. I might have to get one for my bed. Memory foam is AWESOME.  In general, my life is actually pretty damn good right now. I have a steady job that pays well. I love my boss and my coworker. I have my own car and don’t pay my own gas (yes, you may hate me now). I don’t pay rent. I’ll be done with the substance abuse classes for the DUI next week and can go back to going to ballet on Tuesdays. I got a financial calculator, so I can really start working on studying  for the CFA. I even gave myself an extra 4 weeks to study beyond what they recommended. Best to have a cushion, n’est pas? These annoying episodes aside, things are going pretty well. And I’m also obsessed with this song:


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