Of pink lipstick and good ol’ boys

I hate to say it, but the opening ceremony didn’t have quite as many fireworks as I would’ve liked. There was more than enough enthusiasm to go around and some fireworks, but more explosions are always better. I got to hear the founder speak and now I see why everybody loves him. He’s a former South Georgia football coach who refuses to say “God damn”, but will quite happily use every other swear word. He genuinely wants to do the right thing for people and he’s passionate about selling insurance. That’s two things which are rare in this industry. I came away from his speech feeling very proud to be a part of that company. Our field force might be crazy and it might not be the most mentally stimulating job in the world, but as an institution, they try to do the right thing. I’m more than okay with being part of that.

Yesterday I went a little wild at Sephora. I’m not a huge make up girl, but occasionally I’ll feel the need to add a few things to my collection. I ended up with 2 pink lipsticks, 2 nail polishes, 3 eyeshadows, mascara, and a free hair texturizing cream. There’s something fun about trying new make up that changes my attitude a bit. I’ve been doing red lips for a while now, but I think I like the pink better. It doesn’t say quite the same thing and I think I like it. Then Boy and I saw Man of Steel. The best part was I sat through a 2.5 hour movie and didn’t have one of my episodes. Woohoo! I had one at Target earlier today, but it wasn’t quite the same. Instead of tunnel vision followed by panic, words just kept getting jumbled in my head and I had to stop and reorient myself. Like my brain was moving so fast, words weren’t getting processed regardless of if they were thoughts or someone talking to me. The EEG is tomorrow, though, and hopefully that will provide some answers. Though I’m not thrilled about having sensors strapped to my head 2 days after I get my hair colored. Poor planning. I think pink lipstick is definitely on tap for tomorrow. If nothing else, it’ll make me feel a little better.

On that note, off to get a snack and watch more of the US Open (yes, I watch golf for fun. I was raised on it. Sue me.)


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